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Meet Colleen

Colleen started a parenting publication in the 1990’s in Washington State and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years.


Searching for a creative outlet, her love of children’s literature and her kittens led her to the idea to form a series about her two passions – her cats and travel.

Behind the Story

The Traveling Kittens was inspired by the authors own cats Buffy & Sissy. Inspiration for the series came from The Berenstain Bears which was a favorite Colleen read to her own children.

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Buffy and Sissy Kitties Background.png

About The Traveling Kittens Series

The series is about two kittens and their mama who travel together throughout the world.


The stories recognize each kitten’s distinct personalities much like the authors own cats Buffy & Sissy.


Appropriate for children ages 4-8, the books take the child through different countries where they meet local children and others who help make their vacation special. The first book takes them to Italy and in the next book of the series they will visit Hawaii!

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Buffy & Sissy Go On a Road Trip

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