A Fun & Entertaining Introduction to Travel for Kids

The series is about two kittens and their mama who travel together throughout the world. 
The stories recognize each kitten’s distinct personalities much like the author's own cats Buffy & Sissy.


Appropriate for children ages 4-8, the books take the child through different countries where they meet local children and others who help make their vacation special. 

The first book in the series takes them to Italy!

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Our Latest Adventures

Now Available!
Buffy & Sissy Go To Hawaii
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There are so many things to discover and new people to meet. Take your favorite little ones on a trip with Buffy and Sissy.

What Others Are Saying

"My kids absolutely love the characters. Buffy & Sissy are adorable and make them excited about travel.” 

- Maria G

“The illustrations on The Traveling Kittens are spectacular! Some of the best I have seen in current children's literature. Highly recommend!”

- Debra H

"My grandkids could relate to the characters. Buffy's love of spaghetti and Sissy's passion for photography was something they both enjoyed." 

- Anna G