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Buffy & Sissy Go On a Road Trip

The series is about two kittens and their mama who travel together throughout the world. 
The stories recognize each kitten’s distinct personalities much like the author's own cats Buffy & Sissy.


Appropriate for children ages 4-8, the books take the child through different countries where they meet local children and others who help make their vacation special. 

The third book in the series takes them on a road trip!


The Traveling Kittens are the proud recipients of 5-star reviews from

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Book Review
Reviewed by Kristine Zimmerman for Readers' Favorite

Buy and Sissy, the traveling kittens, are back for another adventure. In Buffy and Sissy Go On a Road Trip by Colleen Chapman, the kittens and their mother are taking a driving vacation. They visit three iconic National Parks in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Utah. All the fun and challenges of a road trip are here, from the long hours in a car to playing games and eating snacks while you travel. The kittens, of course, enjoy staying in a motel with a pool and camping out under the stars. Unique highlights from each of the parks are depicted. When the family arrives back home, they reminisce about their favorite parts of the trip. They are all eager for their next traveling adventure.

Buy and Sissy Go On a Road Trip is a perfect story to share with young children who are going on their first road trip. As a former children's librarian, I would often get requests from parents for books about the places they were going to visit on vacation. Chapman includes just enough information for the youngest travelers to get excited about what they are going to see. The illustrations by Ananta Mohanta are outstanding. Each of the kittens, and mom too, have their own style. I love their expressive faces and Mom's cat-eye glasses! Buy and Sissy are distinct personalities from the way they dress to what interests them. Buffy and Sissy Go On a Road Trip is a fun story that both road trip warriors and armchair travelers will enjoy.


Our Latest Adventures

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There are so many things to discover and new people to meet. Take your favorite little ones on a trip with Buffy and Sissy.


What Others Are Saying

"My kids absolutely love the characters. Buffy & Sissy are adorable and make them excited about travel.” 

- Maria G

“The illustrations on The Traveling Kittens are spectacular! Some of the best I have seen in current children's literature. Highly recommend!”

- Debra H

"My grandkids could relate to the characters. Buffy's love of spaghetti and Sissy's passion for photography was something they both enjoyed." 

- Anna G 


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